Helping to change behaviours with Moda + Utopi

Along with our partner Utopi, we have introduced smart building technology across three Moda sites with the aim of better understanding patterns of resident behaviour to enable us to take date-led action to operate more sustainably.

With over 250 million data points from multi-sensors throughout the buildings and external data feeds, we can measure hourly performance on an apartment-by-apartment basis. This allows us to create a baseline from which we can nudge residents into reducing their environmental impact.

We have already found:

  • 10% of residents consistently run temperatures >24°C
  • 45% of residents take at least one 2 day break every month
  • 90% of residents fail to turn down heating while they are away
  • 15% of apartments unoccupied for over 2 days are 23°C

Through our 'Changing Behaviours programme, we can use these insights to create resident engagement strategies. For example, to help 'shift the bell curve' for residents to turn off their heating when absent for long periods of, we can engage through our Moda resident app or building-wide campaigns.

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Our aim is to encourage all residents to reduce the temperature in their apartments to <15°C while they are away, an average reduction of 3.

In 2024, we will be extending our analysis of resident behavious beyond temperature, occupancy and energy consumption to include wellness indicators, noise, light, CO2 and other factors, all to further improve resident experience. As a pioneer of technology and positive change across the rental landscape, Moda continues to look beyond a one-size-fits-all approach by understanding the needs of different residents and tailoring our spaces to help people live better. Utopi is helping us to make data-led decisions that will both improve the health and wellbeing of our residents whilst also significantly reducing our operational environmental footprint.

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We asked our residents if they knew how to reduce their energy consumption. 24% wanted more tips.

In response, we created our Sustainable Living Guide. Since then, our guide has been viewed over 7,300 times!

Read our Sustainable Living Guide