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Focussing on long-term stewardship, we partner with global institutional investors to provide unique access to the UK rental market at scale.

Our mission, to pioneer positive change across the rental landscape, delivering spaces and experiences for people to prosper, evolve and live better.

Our vision, is to create the world's best rental experience, a better version of living, we call it life 2.0.

That doesn't just mean investing in next generation homes and spaces, it means investing in innovation and excellence across wellness, technology, ESG and customer service.

As custodians of the communities we operate in, we work with a range of market leading partners to create genuine social impact, helping people live happier, healthier lives.

Ranked #1 BTR operator in the UK - 

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We have a growing pipeline of homes, amenity, and commercial spaces across the length and breadth of the UK.



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Acting sustainably and responsibly is woven into all areas of our business. We are uniquely positioned to enhance our local communities by including environmental and social considerations into our design, build and operations.