'We can do more together'. One of our core principles that comes to life through our incredible partnerships more than anywhere else. But we're not finished - as our business grows, and our neighbourhoods appear in more locations so to do the opportunities to partner with us.

Moda and Samsung are working together to build entire neighbourhoods equipped for the future, underpinned by innovation.

With technology now weaved into all aspects of our day-today lives, residents expect higher quality and better efficiency in every purchase that they make. The rise in popularity of smart speakers, lighting and thermostats has opened the door for consumers to enter the connected home and see its true potential.

We're keen to hear from both local businesses that feel they can enhance our offer in one of our neighbourhoods, to those businesses that can impact how we think about our spaces right across our portfolio. Collaboration to create the best possible outcome is our goal - and we need you for that.