Moda reveals artist line up for £450,000 Public Art Strategy in Hove

As we gear up for the launch of our newest multigenerational neighbourhood, Moda, Hove Central, we're ready to reveal the incredibly talented artists involved in our ambitious £450,000 public art strategy for the Hove area! **Drum roll please... **

Earlier in the year, we launched an open call for local artists around the Brighton & Hove community to come and work with ourselves, the City Council and Richard Wolfströme. The selected artists or groups would join us in delivering four ground=breaking projects that will sit throughout the neighbourhood for the Brighton and Hove community and visitors to enjoy.

Each artist has been chosen based not only on how their work looks independently, but how well each proposed piece works together as a collective - ensuring a sense of continuity and harmony that will flow throughout the space. The selected artists and their respective spaces are...

Central sculpture in the heart of the neighbourhood – Adam Nathaniel Furman

Adam Nathaniel Furman is a British artist, designer, writer, and academic, with a focus on spatial design and public artworks. His submission was chosen to be the featured sculpture in Moda, Hove Central’s Hub Square, an open space that will act as the centrepiece of the public realm. This space will experience a high volume of footfall once opened, and feature seating that encourages visitors to gather and engage with the art. Adam’s previous work is instantly recognisable thanks to its trademark bright colours and bold patterns. His new piece will be his largest piece of single work of this scale and bring something totally unique and personal to the space through clever referencing of the tiling of iconic pubs, railway stations and public buildings of the local area dating from the Victorian era.

An art trail along the neighbourhood's main boulevard - George Griffiths + Edgar Ward

Acclaimed stonemasons George Griffiths and Edgar Ward will come together to create a unique ‘trail’ of public art that allows visitors to enjoy moments of discovery and surprise. Featuring 15-20 pieces of art, the young pair will use the trail to shine a spotlight on a historic craft while referencing the city’s industrial heritage. George and Edgar will work with the local community in a hands-on way to determine the final pieces - with their mantra being ‘the best ideas emerge through making’. The pair will also work with local schools in the area to establish a small group of students with an interest in the arts that they will mentor, exposing them to the many fulfilling careers that can be had in the UK’s creative sector.